January 2019
Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard University, will receive the 2019 NAS Award for Scientific Discovery.
January 2019
Vallee Scholar Andrew Kruse and colleagues at HMS and Duke have mapped the active-state structure of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor.
December 2018
Wolfgang Baumeister, Michel Goedert, Susan Gottesman, Anthony Hyman appointed Vallee Visiting Professors.
The Vallee Visiting Professor program fulfills one of the core missions of the Foundation, which is to enable senior scientists to explore new directions, through spending time away from their own laboratories and administrative responsibilities to conduct research, exchange scientific views, and establish or strengthen collaborative relationships with a biomedical research institute anywhere in the world. We welcome our new VVPs to the Vallee Foundation community and look forward to working with them in the years to come.
December 2018
2018 has been a banner year for groundbreaking research and the recognition it deserves.  Here are just a few of this year's highlights.
November 2018
F Ulrich Hartl (Director, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried) took his VVP sabbatical at Stanford University, where he was hosted by Dr Judith Frydman, a world leader in the field of chaperone-assisted protein folding and cellular protein quality control.
August 2018
Five junior faculty have been appointed 2018 Vallee Scholars.
In the six years this program has been running, 24 Vallee Scholars have been appointed. Over this period, the Vallee Foundation has funded their research to the tune of $6,250,000. Vallee Scholars are invited to present their work at biennial Vallee Scholar meetings or, in alternate years, at Vallee Summer symposia. Their projects cover a broad spectrum of biomedical research including the sense of smell; CRISPR; tissue patterning; the maintenance of fat cells; morophogenesis; innate immunity; and transmembrane signaling. Each year, a group of institutions is invited to nominate one candidate. A nominee must have received his/her PhD, MD, or other professional degree, within ten years of the application deadline and, by the same date, have been in an independent research position (tenure track or equivalent) for six years or fewer.